About me

Hello my name is Francis David and I am an Illustrator, Character Designer, and Concept Artist. 
I am a Toronto based artist that has a wide variety of styles depending on how I feel and what my clients require for the job. While my style can vary, I keep a consistent quality and am proud of by adaptability in my work. I tend to think about style before substance, since I believe that before I can get anyone to care about my art I first have to catch their eye. This doesn't mean that I won't have any story or thought behind my work. But what it does mean is that I'll do my best to make what I make look as good as I can down to the last detail, whether that's with an eye-catching comic splash page, or a detailed render of a cute elf girl.

I am inspired by anime and manga, as well as western comics, games, and popular media. You can find most of my drawings in my portfolio on this site, or if it isn't here yet it probably is on my twitter or instagram. but while you're here might as well take a look around right?