• Francis David

Morrigan Panel Excerpt

The creatures inhabiting the land were at constant battle with monsters from the sea, with neither of them having the power to completely win over the other. Eventually human settlers made their way to the land, and sided with the creatures on land, helping them against the monsters of the deep. The humans however were weak, relying on crude weapons and tools, being more of a hindrance to the creatures of the land. The faeries soon realized that many humans had great potential to hone magic, some even with latent abilities that could surpass the faeries themselves. Ecstatic to share their skills and powers with their newfound allies, they taught what they knew to the humans, and eventually drove the creatures back into the sea.

Hilde is a witch that travels around the land avoiding staying in a single place for too long. Wherever she goes, misfortune and tragedy seem to follow.

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